ZoomBySite Safari Extension – [Download Version 1.6]

Do you find yourself visiting some web sites that you always need to zoom (command +) to get the text to a readable level? If so, then ZoomBySite is for you.

ZoomBySite is a Safari Extension that will automatically zoom each site to the zoom level of your last visit to the site. A site is defined by a unique domain name (so www.apple.com is considered different from store.apple.com and each could have its own unique zoom level).

It does this by intercepting the Zoom In and Zoom Out keyboard shortcuts (⌘ = and ⌘ – respectively). It zooms the page in or out by the desired amount (see the Preferences section below) and also stores the zoom level for the site. As each page loads, it checks to see if there is a stored zoom level and sets it again for the current viewing. If you change the zoom level of a site, any other tabs or windows that are open to that site will also change their zoom level.

Finally, if you wish to temporarily change the zoom level of a site (and not have it remembered for your next visit), you can either use the Zoom In and Zoom Out commands in the View menu or the built-in Safari toolbar zoom buttons:


ZoomBySite Preferences


The Zoom Amount setting controls the zoom increments. Each zoom in/out will add/subtract the chosen percentage to the current size. With the above setting of Small (10%), the first zoom in on a site will change the zoom level to 110% of normal. The second zoom in will change the zoom level to 120% of normal.

The Default Zoom setting controls the zoom level for web sites that do not have site-specific zooms set. When this is set to 100%, no changes are made to sites. With any other value, the zoom level of any web site without a site-specific zoom level will be zoomed to the selected value.

ZoomBySite Toolbar Buttons


By default, no buttons are added to the toolbar. If you wish, you can add buttons to zoom in and/or out to your toolbar. This is done via Safari’s Customize Toolbar… command (under the View menu).

ZoomBySite Versions

Links go to blog entries introducing each version.

Download Locations

See all the places from where people have downloaded ZoomBySite (thanks to batchgeo) (as of October 11, 2011).

Some quick stats:

  • 61 different countries

    • The U.S. has the most downloads
    • Germany has the next most
    • The U.K. has the next most
  • 37 different states within the U.S.

    • California has the most downloads
    • New York has the next most
    • Texas has the next most

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