ZoomBySite’s Past and Future

I created ZoomBySite to provide the last major feature that was preventing me from switching from Firefox to Safari (as I described in my initial post about ZoomBySite). It has some problems:

  1. Some sites with functionality that is tied closely to exact positioning can break. For example, on some sites, you have to click next to a button rather than on it because the page isn’t looking for a click on the button, it’s looking for a click in the exact coordinates where it expects the button to be, but ZoomBySite has shifted the position of the button.
  2. Some sites reset the zoom level after the page loads. Most sites don’t do this on purpose, but as I found out, a bug in the popular Javascript library JQuery caused this to happen on many sites.
  3. Certain extensions can conflict with ZoomBySite and cause it not to work. I’ve heard that this is the case with Disconnect.me and Ultimate Status Bar.

In spite of these issues, ZoomBySite has been very useful for many people (myself included!).

However, I’ve decided to discontinue what meager support I provide for ZoomBySite and am looking for someone else to take over development and support. The code for the extension is available on GitHub. Please contact me using the contact info on the upper right of this page if you are interested in taking over this extension.

The two main reasons for this change are: 1. I no longer use Safari as my primary browser (I’ve switched to Chrome). 1. Apple has changed the requirements for developing Safari extensions to require a subscription to their developer program ($99/year).

My understanding is that the extension will continue to work for people that have it installed, but that I will not be able to update it anymore.

Thanks to everyone that has sent in feedback for ZoomBySite. I also apologize for not being more responsive to bug reports.