Switched to FiOS

I just completed a switch from Comcast to Verizon for TV, Phone, and Internet service (I’m up to my neck in Verizon now after recently switching over to Verizon Wireless for my iPhone 4S).

The install process went smoothly and I was able to connect to the wireless network setup by the Verizon wireless modem.

Getting AirPort Extreme Base Station to Work

I wanted to keep using my Apple AirPort Extreme though and by default it wasn’t working. Here are the [OS X-centric] steps I followed to get it working:

  1. Connect to the wireless router via an ethernet cable
  2. Open the Network section in System Preferences
  3. Choose Ethernet and then click the Advanced… button
  4. Click the TCP/IP tab and note the IP address listed next to Router
  5. In your browser, type in the IP address from the prior step
  6. Find the default ID and Password for your router
  7. Login
  8. Click on the Wireless Settings tab and then Basic Security Settings
  9. Change the Wireless setting to Off and click Apply
  10. Run AirPort Utility
  11. Click the Internet tab and then then Internet Connection sub-tab
  12. Change Connection Sharing to Off (Bridge Mode)
  13. Click the Update button

At this point, your AirPort Extreme (or Time Capsule) will restart and you should now be able to unplug the ethernet cable and connect to the Wi-Fi network setup by the AirPort Extreme.

What seems to have changed is that my old cable modem from Comcast exposed the public IP address to my AirPort. The new Verizon modem gives out an internal IP address, thus not allowing the AirPort to directly share the Internet connection.


I signed up for the Triple Play, slightly upgraded to include FiOS TV Extreme HD. This also upped the Internet speed to “up to” 25Mbps both up and downstream.

I ran a test on my Macbook Pro through Speedtest.net and here are the results (over a 5GHz Wi-Fi network):

30.56 Mbps down and 22.70 Mbps up

I also ran a test from my iPhone 4S:

14.46Mbps down and 22.51 Mbps up

I’m a little weary of the accuracy of these numbers. The download speed was consistently climbing throughout the test and the upload test took less than a second.

I’m very pleased with these results, especially the upload speed which is far faster than what I had on Comcast.


If anyone is interested in signing up for FiOS, feel free to contact me via e-mail or Twitter (see the top right of this page). I can refer you and we’ll each get $50 credit.