Television – On-Demand

This is the second in a series of posts on television and watching of TV shows, movies, and sports.

  1. DVRs


One of the great features of most cable TV services (and FiOS as well from what I understand – I’ll find more out once my switch to FiOS is complete) is On-Demand. It provides a lot of current TV and movie content available for immediate watching. Think of it as a Netflix or Hulu-like service from your cable company‚Ķ with limited ads. For most movies, there is an ad or two at the beginning. For TV shows, there are generally one or two breaks during the show for ads (with usually one ad per break, not two minutes of ads like live TV). The best part about the ads is that you can still fast-forward through them!

Comcast also provides native applications for iOS and Android devices that lets you watch On-Demand on these devices as well.

For me, On-Demand removes the need to record many of the TV shows or movies that I’d like to watch. There are a couple of situations where recording via a DVR is still more appropriate/required:

  • If you want to watch the show on the same days as it’s broadcast, since shows typically don’t appear in On-Demand until at least the next day.

  • If you want to watch (or re-watch) the show after some period of time, since shows typically stay in On-Demand for only a month or two.