Nokia Lumia 800

All day today, my RSS feed has been full of people praising the looks of the Nokia Lumia 800. First of all, here’s what it looks like:

Nokia lumia 800

… and here are the descriptions that I read today:

Daring Fireball

John Gruber writes:

The Lumia 800 looks like the Windows Phone Mango device to get.

512 pixels

Stephen Hackett writes:

Nokia has announced its N9-esque Windows Phone 7 phone. My, it is handsome.

Ars Technica

Peter Bright writes:

The phone’s design—shared with Nokia’s MeeGo-Harmattan-powered N9—is eye-catching and elegant.


Dan Frommer writes:

It’s called the Lumia 800 […] and it looks good, as far as these things go.

Shawn Blanc writes:

If I were in the market for a different phone, this very well would be the one I’d pick up. It’s nice to see Nokia making fun and drool-worthy devices again.

The Brooks Review

Ben Brooks writes:

I can’t speak much to the new version of Windows Phone 7, but the Lumia 800 looks like a phone that I would want to hold. And I can’t think of a better compliment to an iPhone competitor than that.

My Take

Personally, I think the phone looks awful.

Perhaps its just the photos that I’ve seen, but the front of the phone seems to be shaped like the back of an iPhone 3Gs , with a splash of color around the outside of the screen that looks like an Apple Bumper case.

To each their own, I guess.