iPhone 4S Video of Propellers

I was on a flight from Florence, SC to Charlotte, SC yesterday. The plane was a Bombardier Dash 8, a turboprop. My seat happened to be in the row right next to the propeller. Once electronic devices were allowed to be used1, I took out my iPhone 4S and went to take a picture of the propeller. I was surprised to see the propeller seemingly moving in slow motion in the Camera app. I took two videos of the propeller, one in portrait and one in landscape.


This portrait video accurately captures what I was seeing while trying to take a picture.


This landscape video is slightly different. I don’t think the propeller was moving at a different speed because after taking this, I switched back to portrait and it looked like it did above. Both videos captured 30 frames per second, so I’m not sure why they look different.


Oh, and I eventually did get my photo: