Siri – Sunrise and Sunset

While on the beach late last Friday afternoon, my girlfriend and I were wondering what time the sun was going to set. On a whim, I asked Siri “What time does the sun set?”

Siri’s response was to give me the time of sunset (along with the weather graphic) for Pittsburgh (my home address). I then asked “What time does the sun set on Hilton Head Island?” and got the answer I was looking for1:

Sunset hilton head

Similarly, asking for sunrise for tomorrow results in the following response (Siri gives the time for sunrise today, but shows the weekly weather with tomorrow highlighted):

Sunrise hilton head

Just goes to show that even if you haven’t heard that Siri can answer a specific question, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Worst case, I was expecting to have to repeat the query with “Search web” at the beginning, but I didn’t have to.