iPhone 4S – Don’t Hold it That Way

… no, it’s not Antenna-gate Part II.

I upgraded from an iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4S this morning.

While trying to ask Siri what time the sun was scheduled to set here in Hilton Head, it kept replying that there was a problem. I tried over and over again with the same result. I tried restarting the phone. I tried checking Google and Twitter1 but nobody else was complaining. I gave up and google’d the sunset time.

Finally, after heading back to our condo, I figured out the problem. I have been worried about dropping the phone due to the grip feeling different, so I had been hooking my little finger underneath the phone as insurance against dropping it. When held in my right hand, my finger covered up the microphone.

By the way, Siri can answer when asked what time the sun will set. Unfortunately, it responded with the time of sunset back in Pittsburgh (my home address). Asking to search the web for sunset time in Hilton Head did bring up the desired result in Safari.