iPhone 4S Bought

Just got back from the Verizon store on Hilton Head Island (on vacation for the week). Strolled into the store at about 10:151, waited for about twenty minutes for two other customers to be waited on, then bought a black 32GB iPhone 4S. I later found out that it was the last one they had. Switching over from AT&T to my girlfriend’s family plan was quick and easy. I was surprised that it only took a few minutes for the number to switch over.

Siri seems to work quite well for me as well as my dad (who has a bit of a Welsh accent).

Now off to lunch while I do the initial iTunes sync. I took the opportunity to remove about half of the apps that I’ve accumulated over the last 4+ years. Even so, there are 132 apps to sync, about 4,000 photos, 50 podcasts, and a few videos.

I wonder whether the photos will have to be re-formatted for the new screen resolution (I’m upgrading from a 3Gs).