Why I Now Use Safari


As I wrote in a prior post (Why I Still Use Firefox), I’ve been a Firefox user for years. I’d tried switching to Safari a couple of times, but always went back to Firefox for a couple of reasons:

  • Per-site scaling
  • Command-enter shortcut
  • Awesome Bar
  • Command-# shortcuts

The first complain, per-site scaling, was the only one that I didn’t think I could get over without a solution. I wrote myself a Safari extension that I call ZoomBySite to work around this issue.

Making the Switch

With this extension in place, I made the switch to Safari a month ago.

So far, I’ve been pretty pleased. I’ve managed to train myself to work-around my other complaints from above (though I do miss using command-1 and command-9 to jump to the first or last tab respectively).

One (Big) New Complaint

My new number one complaint about Safari is that the Backspace key performs like the Back button when not in a text field. Why, why, why, why? How can anyone think this is a good idea? Already, in the first month of full-time usage, I’ve accidentally gone back more times than I can count. There’s already a perfectly good keyboard shortcut for Back as well as a toolbar button and a menu option. Why add a second keyboard shortcut that can be easily triggered accidentally?

Searching on Google for “stop backspace from going back in Safari” results in 16,000 results, so there’s definitely a demand for a way around this. I actually did find some comments from people who like the Backspace keyboard shortcut, but an option should at least be provided to disable this feature (as Firefox does).

Perhaps this calls for another extension…1