iPhone Love and Hate #4

I Wish My iPhone…

… Maps app would let me change the route by dragging it, as Google Maps on the web does. The updates coming in iOS 5 to the Maps application that will show multiple suggested routes is a step in the right direction, but still does not provide the flexibility that I’d like to have.

I Love That My iPhone…

… intelligently displays caller ID. Lets say I have friends, John Doe and Bob Smith that live together (and share a home phone number). If I get an incoming call from that home phone number, the caller ID says:

John Doe or Bob Smith

Other phones that I’ve owned have typically just shown one of the names (usually the first one in the contact list alphabetically).

Now lets say we replace Bob Smith with Jane Doe. Now, the caller ID says:

John or Jane Doe

It recognizes that the last names are the same and combines the names.

Little things like this add up to a beautiful platform.