iPhone Love and Hate #3

I Wish My iPhone…

… headphones lasted longer than 8 to 10 months. I’ve owned an iPhone or iPhone 3Gs for about 50 months now, and I’m on my 7th set of headphones. Two of those came the iPhones that I’ve bought, two have been replaced under warranty, two I’ve bought myself after the iPhone warranty expired, and the final one was a replacement for a set of headphones that I bought that stopped working a week later.

The earbuds of the first two sets of headphones actually physically came apart. The gray-colored portion of the earbud decayed over time and eventually got to the point where the speaker grill portion of the earbud separated from the rest.

Later headphones have failed with the mic/clicker. At first, some clicks stop registering, and later it becomes completely unresponsive and the mic stops working. At this point, I go and get a new set of headphones.

I’m probably a heavy user of the headphones. On a typical day, I probably spend about 2 and a half hours with the headphones in listening to podcasts, audio books, or music and making calls while commuting and exercising. I’m also a relatively heavy user of the clicker, so my headphones probably fail faster than most.

I Love That My iPhone…

… headphones make the iPhone so usable while it’s in my pocket. The little clicker/mic on the headphones is very powerful. With it, you can do all the following:

  • One click to start/stop audio (typically through the iPod app for me, but could be other audio apps as well)
  • One click and hold to enable Voice Control
    • Once in Voice Control, can use voice commands to choose audio content to play or make calls
  • Double click to skip the currently playing audio track
  • Double click and hold second click to fast forward the audio (continues as long as you hold the second click)
  • Triple click to return back to the beginning of the audio track (or back to the previous track if you’re already at the beginning)
  • Triple click and hold third click to rewind the audio (continues as long as you hold the third click)

It looks very complicated, but I do frequently use most of the above features1. I started off using just the first three features above, then later learned about the fast forward and rewind features and now use them quite frequently.