ZoomBySite 1.2

I’ve released an update to my ZoomBySite Safari extension.

The only change in this version is related to the command + keyboard shortcut for zooming in. I had been using the wrong Javascript code to determine which key was being pressed1. This resulted in command = being the actual key that needed to be pressed for zooming in. For keyboards that do not have the + symbol on the same key as the = symbol, this caused the command + keyboard shortcut to not work.

Hopefully this change will put an end to this issue. Please let me know if you are still seeing an issue.

I did look into allowing the keys for zooming in, out, and reset to be set in the extension preferences, but ran into problems with many keys being interpreted by Safari before my extension was notified. I’ll keep looking into this and hopefully be able to add this feature with a future release.

As always, ZoomBySite is available for download from my site.