ZoomBySite 1.1

I’ve released an update to my ZoomBySite Safari extension.

There are a couple of changes in this version:

  1. Works with either command + or command = for Zoom In (rather than just command = in version 1.0).
  2. Sets the CSS Zoom level as soon as possible rather than waiting for the page to finish loading.

The first change will hopefully help with any non-US keyboards that might not have + on the key as =.

The second change helps with the jumpiness of seeing the page start rendering at the normal size, then switch to the desired size once it finishes loading. On many sites, it completely fixes this issue. It’s definitely not perfect, but a big improvement over version 1.0.

ZoomBySite is still available for download from my site. I have submitted it to the Apple Safari Extension Gallery, but am not holding my breath as they haven’t seemed to have added any extensions since December of 2010.